RTPS stands for right to public service which is a legislation that provide legal rights for documents to citizens of several states in India. Please understand that this is not a government’s or government affiliated website for RTPS services provided by several state governments in India. The sole purpose of this website is to provide in-depth and insightful information to citizens in order to educate them about the RETP legislations and what all benefits it has to offer to them.

This portal publish helpful guides and information related to right to public service provided in different states of India. Our content is all about RTPS and it will educate you to make the right decision in order to avail all the benefits you are entitles under right to public service act.

We also provide detailed information on caste certificates, domicile certificates and various other Indian central and state government issued documents. In case you have any questions regarding RTPS, please feel free to contact us, and we will help you best possible way. You can also send us your suggestions and opinion about this website to make it better for everyone.