BRTPS Online

BRTPS OnlineDigital transformation in Bihar has brought a tremendous change in terms of public service administration and how people are participating. Earlier, public service under government departments were enormous tasks to be accomplished. Nowadays, jurisdiction laws and their quick implementation such as BRTPS online has made it much easier for Bihar public to apply for certificates online and obtain various other government services at ease. This initiative taken by Bihar government aims at controlling and scrutinizing corrupt activities in public administration departments that delay services for citizen.

Bihar government is taking technology help to fully implement BRTPS online. This shows how government is taking modern technology seriously and aims at utilizing it to reach the masses. This step will reduce manual paper work, that perhaps delay services and will further ensure maintained application data base at different levels which will be easy to access.

With an intend to improve public service provided by the government departments to common people including financial provision and other services such as issuing documents such as certificates, RTPS law was introduced in 2011. A panel was organized to take action against departments, if government employees fail to provide immediate assistance to the citizens or intentionally delay services to the applicants. The panel is also liable to address grievances or complaints submitted by the applicants. To ensure better services and address factual problems in administration department, helpline numbers are also provided at the official website of cities in which RTPS is applicable.

After the introduction of the BRTPS Law, within stipulated time frame, offering quality services to the citizen is mandatory. Otherwise, serious actions could be taken in accordance to complaints and panel would strictly address grievances of applicants. All the services provided by the government to common citizens are covered under this jurisdiction. If services are not completed within the time frame or corruption associated within the system management or administration, then special panel can directly take action against the work force or departments and fine will be charged.

This exemplary initiative also gives citizens a platform to submit their suggestions for better services. Online assistance has made it easy for Bihar public to save time and resources. For instance, to get Bihar forms, now applicants need not to stand in queues instead, can go to BRTPS website and can download Bihar right to public service online application and can know rtps application status as well. This has decreased paper work as well and offers more consolidated reports in online system database that employees has uploaded on brtps online website.

The submission of application can be done in various languages, depending on city, applicant can choose respective language file a complaint or submit application with required documents. Receipts for the application will be given to the applicant, later it can be used to access rtps status online. The expansion of RTPS online has tremendous potential to let applicants avail benefits of online services and let government employees address applications at large.


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